About the American Harp Center

The American Harp Center offers learning opportunities at the harp with some of the greatest teachers, artists, and advocates of the our instrument today. Our mission is you: your musical education and growth, as well as your understanding of, and appreciation for, the artists who have shaped the legacy of the harp.  The AHC is the place harpists go to remove themselves from the daily pressures of contemporary life and to study with inspiring teachers, engaging creatively with old and new repertoire. The American Harp Center allows students to explore different pedagogical approaches and renew musical awareness through a concentration on sound and phrasing, bolstered by theoretical analysis and historical contextualization. In conjunction with individualized instruction, students will have opportunities to build stamina and perfect performance practice; to breathe, focus, discover, reflect, process and absorb all things harp. With these tools, you can move your own playing and discipline to the next level, become a better musician and achieve your own goals. Step back. Step up. Step forward.